Increase visitor conversion rates by ~30% with 3D VR technology

We offer complete 3D VR solutions for your business, increasing customer engagement, conversion rates, loyalty and sales.

Some of our customers

  • Hotel Athina
  • Hotel Levadia
  • Οινομαγειρίον ο Μπαρμπαπέτρος
  • Dandelion
  • Crown Cafe
  • Dagdeleni
  • Optimistic
  • Beauty Experts

Allow your customers to browse any physical space with immediacy and ease.

Through iSPACE, access to indoor and outdoor spaces becomes easier and more accessible than ever.


Showcase your hotel to your customers, before they even check in.

VR in Hotels

Hotels that offer virtual tours on their amenities, have ~30% more chances to be booked. We offer complete VR solutions for hotels, including point-accurate analytics and zero effort reservations.


Bars, restaurants, cafes, taverns, etc.

VR in Restaurants

Restaurants that have virtual tours on their premises, have 35% more chances to be visited and are more likely to build stronger customer relationships.

Real estate


VR in Real Estate

Present your properties through iSPACE and increase your sales. Your customers are provided with a secure link where they are allowed to browse the property from their computer or mobile phone.

The best time to integrate 3D VR technology in your business, is now.

Stay ahead of the competition by offering your customers unforgettable, honest experiences that build trust and loyalty.

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    Shareable link to the virtual tour

    We offer a shareable link to the virtual tour, that can be used on social media or on your website.

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    Google Street View

    We offer the ability to integrate the virtual tour to Google Street View, increasing your business' visibility on Google.

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    Owning a Google Street View virtual tour, increases your business' visibility on Google Search significantly.

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    Top equipment, bespoke experience

    We use the best equipment in the market, to offer the best possible experience to your customers. Having industry leading compression standards, we offer the best quality at the lowest possible size.

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    Analytics integration

    We integrate with Google Analytics, to offer you analytics on your virtual tour.

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    Embeddable virtual tour

    We can embed the virtual tour on your website, increasing your website's engagement and conversion rates.

Some of our works

Navigate our works using the iSPACE immersive viewer or Google Street View

Hotel Levadia, Livadeia

Hotel Levadia, Livadeia

Hotel Athina, Lamia

Hotel Athina, Lamia

Winery Barbapetros, Areopoli

Winery Barbapetros, Areopoli

Crown Cafe, Kotronas

Crown Cafe, Kotronas

Dandelion Dream, Peristeri

Dandelion Dream, Peristeri

Beach Bar Shara, Ksylokastro

Beach Bar Shara, Ksylokastro

What our customers say about us.

Increasing their sales and customer engagement, is our top priority.

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Frequently asked questions

For any other question, please contact us.

    • What is a virtual tour?

      A virtual tour is a tour of a place, such as a store, an office, a hotel, a restaurant that is done through tools like Google Street View. Tours can be indoor or outdoor and include one or more venues.

    • What are the reasons I should make a virtual tour?

      There are many reasons to take a virtual tour. Some of them are increasing the traffic of both your physical space and your online store or website. Displaying your space on Google Maps increases both the trust of your customers and the Google search results (SEO).

    • What is Google Street View?

      Google Street View is a Google tool that allows users to tour streets and spaces through 360-degree images. At iSPACE we use Google Street View to present virtual tours to the general public.

    • What are the steps I need to follow?

      Contact us to discuss your needs and suggest the best solution. We will then schedule a visit to your location to take the photos.

    • How much is the cost?

      At iSPACE we try to offer the best prices on the market with the advantage of one time payment. The cost depends on the area you want to browse and your needs. Contact us to suggest the best solution for you and your business.

    • What is the difference between Google Street View and iSPACE?

      Google Street View is a Google tool that allows users to navigate virtual tours through Google Maps or Google Search. The iSPACE viewer is our most direct way to display virtual tours to the general public as well as to we offer them to our clients for integration into their website.

    • What types of businesses does iSPACE operate in?

      Wanting to meet all the needs of our customers, iSPACE is active in a variety of businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, gyms, real estate, medical practices, shops, optics, hair salons, etc.